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Kati Hendricks, singer/songwriter and vocal/ strengthening/ performance coach, teams up with actress Tara Hayes to bring to life The Adventures of Timmy Tumbully children’s book series. These books teach children and families the dangers of bullying as well as how to change their behaviors and be kind to others. The goal of these books is to change the hearts and minds of children, as it is the children of today who hold the key to the lasting change we wish to see in the world!

Kati Hendricks was born singing. At age 5 she toured with one of country music’s biggest acts and appeared on TV almost weekly on the Lewis family Gospel Hour In Atlanta, Georgia. She also appeared on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour in New York. At age 7, she recorded her first album and was considered the youngest recording artist in the country and she regularly appeared on the Buddy Starcher show in Charleston WVa.


She’s considered a bit of a prodigy herself playing six different instruments, piano, organ, guitar, ukelele, drums and accordion. As she continued to perform, she realized the gift she had to teach her vocal technique and positioned herself as a critically acclaimed voice and performance coach who has helped nurture, develop and fine tune some of the world’s greatest singers of all ages.


Kati attended Columbia College where she studied psychology and music. She also has an extensive background in private training with renowned vocal coach Dr. Rachel L. Lebon (voice specialist, author, and educator who toured worldwide with Tops in Blue. She is Professor of Classical, Commercial and Jazz Voice and Musical Theatre at North Texas, Belmont College and the University of Miami and author of The Professional Vocalist and The Versatile Vocalist) as well as world-renowned vocal coach Gina Maretta ( a well-known Miami voice coach, Soprano, La Scala, milan and master of the Aureliano Pertile technique, who at the time was also coaching Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Steve Perry, and Jon Secada). Kati was thrilled to be accepted as a part of Gina's vocal studio. 

Kati is one of the top vocal coaches involved in artist development!

She has coached some of the top artists in the industry over the

years... yet remains very humble, as her approach to coaching is very up close and personal. As you will see in the Masterclass, her approach to each client is tailor-made for that particular artist, earning her a reputation as being one of the industry's best kept secrets.

Her special technique and her instincts in vocal conditioning, strengthening, and rehabilitation, have proven to be life-changing in the careers of her clients.

She often gets called when artists are on tour and in the recording studio when they are experiencing difficulty with their voice. She has been affectionately known as "The Voice Whisperer". Not only is Kati an elite vocal coach, her clients also consider her a life coach as well.

She is masterful in developing an artists' craft and the skills required to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, live performances, preparing artists' vocal stamina for upcoming tours, recording sessions and much, much more!  She loves working with artists of all ages in helping them achieve their dreams!

Kati has worked with Radio Disney, Animal Planet, American Idol, The Voice, Grammy winners, ESPN, Broadway stars, and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital with the Mended Little Hearts Program and the Make A Wish Foundation, raising money through fundraisers to grant several wishes.

She also works with children with special needs, and has a music scholarship program for kids in distress! 

Kati is the founder of The Adventures of Timmy Tumbully and Tumbully The Musical, an Anti-Bullying Children's Book series and Broadway-style Musical. Kati brought Jimmy Mattingly (2-time Grammy Nominated Musician/Producer, Touring and Recording musician for Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton) on board and he is currently working with Kati in producing all of the music for Tumbully The Musical.

Kati Hendricks & Tara Hayes 

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Two-time Grammy nominee Jimmy Mattingly has been called one of the top fiddle players in the world, and has been playing with 2019 CMA Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks for over 20 years. Jimmy has also toured with Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Rascal Flatts, and Dierks Bentley to name a few. Jimmy has enlisted the top Grammy-winning musicians in the industry to record on the Tumbully album, and has taken a personal interest in the message and potential of the Timmy Tumbully Foundation. Jimmy plans to enlist A-list artists to record on the first Tumbully album upon its release.

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